Red Blood Cell Books
F ree help for the new Type-2:
common title prefix <!--$title?--> Did you know that being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes delivers the same level of shock to your system as having a heart attack? Actually, we bet you do know that. Itís OK to be confused, angry, and scared. Thereís a lot to learn.

But not today.

You donít need to learn everything all at once, and weíve got just the thing to make your diagnosis experience as gentle as possible. Taming the Tiger is a first year survival guide. It just focuses on what you need to know in the here and now. It is just the basics. Just what you need to get off to a healthy start.

And nothing more.

And it is free. Simply download either the English or Spanish version by going here

These screen-resolution copies of are provided free of charge as a public service by the Author, the Publisher, and this Website to help make the adult Type-2 Diabetes diagnosis experience as smooth as possible.

The files contain a complete copy of the actual books. Commercial use is prohibited, but you may share them freely with anyone, anywhere, who will benefit from the information and message the books carry.

These files may be placed for free download as a public service on any website. We only ask that you in no way modify them, and that you do not charge for them

The files are designed for screen resolution and are inappropriate for printing. To maintain our quality standards, printed copies of the books are only available from the publisher; but do we offer significant discounts to any person or organization that intends to distribute the books to diabetes patients at no cost.