Red Blood Cell Books
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C ool red blood cell stuff you can't live without!

For children of all ages (young of heart and young of years) we’ve got the Ein-O Science red blood cell model. Officially, according to the nifty plastic box it comes in, the model is for ages 7 and up; but we know a lot of 40+ folks who love this one.

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The cell model is a slightly squishy, slightly transparent, blood cell. It is about three-and-a-quarter inches in diameter and an inch-and-a-half thick. So a bit bigger than a real blood cell. :-) It has it’s own little stand for display. The top half of the cell is cut into four segments so you can take it apart and check out the simulated hemoglobin molecules.

Great for work (on your desk to make you look smart), or play. Great for kiddos, it comes with a small 8-page booklet with quaint English spelling (it’s made in England) that teaches some basic cell biology.

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Holding it up to the light shows off interior detail!

Our price only $9.99 each

T ransfuse some fun with Giant Microbes plush red blood cells!

The Giant Microbes folks have managed to make red blood cells both cute and cuddly. They come in two “flavors” as it were: a trio of mini plush dolls in a plastic Petri dish, or a larger solo cell.

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We really love these mini guys, they are full of personality. Each one measures around three inches in diameter. Their Petri dish home is five inches across and two inches tall. They are highly accurate in their details—the reason you don’t see red blood cell’s eyes when looking at them through a microscope is that they are really shy and close their eyes when people are looking at them. We’re kidding, of course, but we love the way adding eyes to the classic red blood cell shape just….well, it just works.

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The larger cell, which we are told is more than a million times a red blood cell’s actual size, is five inches in diameter. Lee tells us he used to try to keep a couple of the big ones in his office for patient’s kids to play with but it got too expensive: kidos would cry when they couldn’t take the cuddly plush cell with them and we all know Lee has a soft heart….

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Here we’ve put both in the same photo so you can get an idea of the size difference.

Our price only:

$7.95 each for the Large blood cell

$12.95 for the mini trio in a petri dish

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